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Water Artifact

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Attribute Artifact Type Artifact
Artifact Options
[Skill 1/2/3/4] CRIT DMG +N%
[Skill 1/2/3] Recovery +N%
[Skill 1/2/3] Accuracy +N%
Damage Dealt on [Attribute] +N%
Damage Received from [Attribute] -N%
[ATK/DEF/SPD] Increased Proportional to Lost HP up to +N%
Increase [ATK/DEF/SPD/Crit Rate] Effect +N%
Damage Dealt by +N%
Bomb Damage +N%
Life Drain +N%
[HP/Attack Bar] when Revived +N%
Additional Damage by +N% of [HP/ATK/DEF/SPD]
[Damage Received/SPD] Under Inability
Crushing Hit DMG +N%

Why was this site created?

The purpose of this site is to show the artifacts of Summoners War, and the game is a lot more complicated, so it was expected that it would require a simple arrangement to enjoy. In addition, as of 2020-09, the amount of artifacts stored is 300, which is a very small amount to the concerns of 300 pieces.

This site was created to make it easy to organize artifacts and find useful artifacts.

What can you do?

You can search for options to find the monsters that need the artifacts you have.

Detailed search by reinforcement is not supported. Cull the list and find the right monster for yourself. It will be of great help just by making a list.

Reason for not supporting detailed search: There are 1.8 million registered pages even without detailed search. If the detailed search is supported, the search processing efficiency decreases a lot, and the server load becomes very severe. Therefore, it only supports simply pulling out the list.

After reducing the list by searching?

Check if it fits the monster you have on the list.

What if you searched for 1 option?
It is a monster with a matching score of 100%.

What if you searched for 2 options?
It is a monster with approximately 94% or more matching points.

What if you searched for 3 options?
It is a monster with approximately 90% or more matching points.

What if you searched for 4 options?
It is a monster with approximately 85% or more matching points.

Features that may be added in the future

Compare better artifacts to specific monsters may be added.

If you find an error

There may be some errors as the service was created by the user.

If you find an error, you can request a correction at Contribute & Bug Report.